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One Fee, Two Formats, One Singapore

The Solidarity Challenge

This is a test of who can go the distance. There is only one category, the Solidarity Challenge. Sign up, and run as far as you can go. 

There are 4 milestone distances. When you pass each milestone, you will collect exclusive pins and entitlements. 

The four milestone distances are: 

132KM, the equivalent of running 2.4km daily.

302.5KM, the equivalent of running 5.5km daily.

550KM, the equivalent of running 10km daily.

1100KM, the equivalent of running 20km daily.

You do not have to run daily, and can choose to run any distance on any day during the 55 days of the event. Missed days don't matter. Runners are ranked simply by the total distance accumulated. 

The Resilience Challenge

This is a test of resilience and consistency. You would register for ONE of FOUR distances, and attempt to run that distance daily for the 55 days of the event. 

The four distances that you can choose from are:

2.4KM, the bread and butter of our army boys and girls. 

5.5KM, because 55.

10KM, the runner's favourite.


20KM, for the hardcore. 

At the end of the race, the runner who has run the most number of days will be ranked the highest.  Should two runners run the same number of days, the faster runner would be ranked higher.