All participants are entitled to a category exclusive participants t-shirt from Purpose Asia, our very own Singaporean brand of performance sports wear. Each shirt is worth $37.50. 

Majulah Run Solidarity Challenge Race Tee SideMajulah Run Solidarity Challenge Race Tee Back
Majulah Run Resilience Challenge Race Tee BackMajulah Run Resilience Challenge Race Tee Side

Runners can also enjoy exclusive e-vouchers from our partners, which will be sent to participants upon the start of the race, as well as throughout the race. These include shopping discounts, physiotherapy discounts, dining vouchers etc.

Runners in the Solidarity Category can collect up to four exclusive pins, one for each of the 4 distance milestones reached. 

Majulah Run Virtual CHallenge Solidarity Category Finisher Pin Presidents

Runners in the Resilience Category, can collect their category's finisher pin, if they finish the 55 days of consecutive running their assigned distance.