Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for the race?

Step 1: Click on "Register" on the landing page

Step 2: Click on "Proceed to Information"

Step 3: Input your personal details and select your race category from the drop down menu

Step 4: Create an account or login to your account. Confirm that you are not a robot on the next page.

Step 5: Input your mailing address and proceed to "shipping".

Step 6: Click to proceed to payment page. Input payment details and "Pay".

Step 7: You will arrive at a payment confirmation page and an email will be sent to your registered email address once your registration is successful.

How do I know if my registration is successful?

Upon registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email. If it does not appear in your Inbox, please check your Spam folder.

Are there any restriction to nationality or age in signing up for the races?

We welcome runners from around the world to participate in our races and challenges. However, depending on where you are and due to mailing restrictions, we might not be able to get your entitlements to you. We will continually update those countries that we are not covered by.

If my family/group of friends want to run together, can we sign through one user account?

No. We only allow registration of each participant using their own unique account. i.e. each runner will need to have an account to register for the race. If a family of 4 would like to participate, you would need 4 different accounts.

Why can't I register for the race?

We support the following browsers. i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

If you still face problems registering for the race, please contact us at for assistance.

How do I change my registration information (engraving/distance/address)?

We will not allow a change of category and name engraving after race registration.

For change of address, please contact us at to notify us.

What do I do if I encounter a technical error?

Please contact us at for assistance.

Competition Rules

What are the recommended tracking apps to use?

All GPS-based apps, running gadgets (e.g. Garmin watches), indoor treadmills.

Some of the recommended apps include:

  1. Runkeeper
  2. Nike+
  3. Garmin Connect
  4. Strava
  5. Map My Run
  6. Runtastic
  7. Endomondo

What are some examples of rejected tracking apps?

All pedometers (step tracking) applications are not accepted.

Rejected GPS-based apps include apps like: CurrentRace.acer, HPB Health-365

Can I walk or hike?

Yes, all walking or running activities are counted.

However, biking or rollerblading is not allowed and will be considered as fraudulent submission. All distances must be completed on foot.

Can I use a treadmill?

Of course! You can also complete your runs on a treadmill. For treadmill submissions, please submit a photo of your treadmill dashboard with the following information: 1. Distance (in KM) 2. Timing 3. Date

Submission of results

What is the difference between the resilience category and solidarity category?

For the Resilience Challenge category, you are required to complete 1 submission of your specified distance per day for 55 days.

For the Solidarity Challenge Category, you have a total of 55 days to accumulate 1100km distance. Each result can be of any distance value and they must total up or exceed each milestone distance indicated. You can run multiple times per day, but only the last submission of the day will be totaled. Please total your distance on a daily basis.

Can I run before the running period?

No, you can only run and submit your results within the race period stated only. We do not accept early and late submissions.

How to submit/edit/delete?

If you have submitted in error, you can resubmit the run with the corrected details. This will over ride ALL previous submissions for the date you are submitting for.

Only the LATEST submission for each date will be recorded

E.g. I have submitted a run on 17/6/2020 for 2.4km in 12 minutes. If two days later, I resubmit a run for 17/6/2020, for 2.4km in 11 minutes. My second submission will override the first, and the final timing reflected will be 11 minutes for the date of 17/6/2020.

I submitted my result, but the data displayed in the dashboard is wrong, what shall I do?

Please contact us at for assistance.