Maju Lah! Run

15.06.2020 - 09.08.2020

This run was conceptualized to commemorate Singapore’s 55th birthday. 55 days of non-stop running would bring you back to basics and at the same time show your resilience to work your way through tough times. 55 days of running would test you physically and mentally. Are you tough enough for it?

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Considered the first of its kind in Singapore, the Maju Lah! Run aims to celebrate our nation’s 55th year of founding and to demonstrate our people’s togetherness, unity and resilience, in the face of Singapore’s most challenging time in recent history due to the global COVID-19 crisis that has claimed the lives of 23 and afflicted over 29,000 persons on a national level. It also aims to bring Singaporeans together in hopes of overcoming the economic challenges that the pandemic has brought about.

Apart from the main objectives of the virtual run, Maju Lah! Run also aims to encourage more people to adopt a healthier and active lifestyle by running, which is in line with the safe-distancing measures decreed by the Government.

All participants are entitled to a category exclusive participants t-shirt from Purpose Asia, our very own Singaporean brand of performance sports wear. Each shirt is worth $37.50. 

Majulah Run Solidarity Challenge Race Tee SideMajulah Run Solidarity Challenge Race Tee Back
Majulah Run Resilience Challenge Race Tee BackMajulah Run Resilience Challenge Race Tee Side

Runners can also enjoy exclusive e-vouchers from our partners, which will be sent to participants upon the start of the race, as well as throughout the race. These include shopping discounts, physiotherapy discounts, dining vouchers etc.

Runners in the Solidarity Category can collect up to four exclusive pins, one for each of the 4 distance milestones reached. 

Majulah Run Virtual CHallenge Solidarity Category Finisher Pin Presidents

Runners in the Resilience Category, can collect their category's finisher pin, if they finish the 55 days of consecutive running their assigned distance. 





One Fee, Two Formats, One Singapore

The Solidarity Challenge

This is a test of who can go the distance. There is only one category, the Solidarity Challenge. Sign up, and run as far as you can go. 

There are 4 milestone distances. When you pass each milestone, you will collect exclusive pins and entitlements. 

The four milestone distances are: 

132KM, the equivalent of running 2.4km daily.

302.5KM, the equivalent of running 5.5km daily.

550KM, the equivalent of running 10km daily.

1100KM, the equivalent of running 20km daily.

You do not have to run daily, and can choose to run any distance on any day during the 55 days of the event. Missed days don't matter. Runners are ranked simply by the total distance accumulated. 

The Resilience Challenge

This is a test of resilience and consistency. You would register for ONE of FOUR distances, and attempt to run that distance daily for the 55 days of the event. 

The four distances that you can choose from are:

2.4KM, the bread and butter of our army boys and girls. 

5.5KM, because 55.

10KM, the runner's favourite.


20KM, for the hardcore. 

At the end of the race, the runner who has run the most number of days will be ranked the highest.  Should two runners run the same number of days, the faster runner would be ranked higher. 

General Rules

  • Submissions will be via the online portal at
  • Submissions received before 14th June 2020 (23:59) GMT +8, and after 8 Aug 2020 (23:59) GMT +8 will not be considered.
  • Change of category, refund and/or transfer of bib is NOT allowed
  • Each participant is allowed to register for ONE category only.
  • Each account is only to be used for one person to submit information. Multiple runners are not allowed to log runs in the same account.
  • For runners in the running for a winning position 7 days before the event ends, Run Crew will ask for proof of completion for a random sample of the runs.
  • Acceptable forms of proofs are date-stamped treadmill photos, GPS files, or online GPS tracking app information.
  • In the case that both "moving time" and "total" or "elapsed" times are recorded by the device, only the "total" or "elapsed" times should be submitted
  • Results from pedometers (apps and devices inclusive) are strictly NOT allowed
  • Failure to submit proof may be grounds for disqualification from a winning position.
  • Winners will be announced within 3 days of the event completion
  • “No completion, no medal” policy; This race is based on an honour system, Run Crew will do periodic checks on specific submissions. Be truthful and don’t cheat yourself!
  • Your account may be suspended if fraudulent results are found.
  • Breaches of the rules may be reported to
  • Race submissions are based on an honour system. However, in the event of dispute, the organiser’s discretion is final.

Category Rules

Solidarity Challenge

  • In this category, runners accumulate their total distance for their runs across the 55 days of the event.
  • There are 4 milestone distances, with special entitlements awarded when a runner passes each milestone. These milestone distances are 132km, 302.5km, 550km, 1100km.
  • Runners will be ranked based upon the total distance they have accumulated across the event duration.
  • When the race finishes and your accumulated distance is in between 2 milestones, you will only be entitled to the award of the lower milestone.
  • If two runners accumulate the exact same distance, the faster runner will be ranked higher.
  • Once you pass a milestone distance, you will be awarded that milestone’s entitlement.

Resilience Challenge

  • Participants register in one of 4 categories, with a daily distance of 2.4, 5.5, 10, and 20km in each category.
  • The rules state that each runner is to run the daily distance on each day, in one continuous run, to a maximum of 55 days.
  • If you run multiple times on a single day, select the fastest timing for submission. Only the last submission for each day will be taken into account.
  • Runners will be ranked according to the number of days they have completed the daily distance during the event period, with a maximum of 55 days.
  • There will be no “making up” for missed days of running on different days. One run will be accepted per day.
  • Should 2 runners complete the same number of days, the runner who has clocked a shorter total time will be ranked higher 


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    Winners for each category will get a trophy, and additional prizes from our sponsors such as 2 pairs of sports sunglasses from Rudy Project worth more than $400.

    Top 3 for each category will receive an additional exclusive winners T-shirt.   

    More prizes are also in the works!